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Biochemistry is the study of biological processes at the cellular and molecular level. With the skills of biochemists currently in high demand all over the globe, you’ll be in one of the most innovative and dynamic fields within life science.

Biochemistry is a highly sought-after skill set. Having a degree in biochemistry offers graduates a broad range of careers, from analytical chemistry to toxicology and beyond.


Though day-to-day activities will vary according to company, location, and sector, typical responsibilities of a biochemist include:


  • Carrying out research projects
  • Managing laboratory teams
  • Preparing technical reports
  • Presenting research findings to scientists and key stakeholders.

Biochemistry represents a fantastic career choice -- according to Will Robots Take My Job, there’s only a 3% chance that the profession will be lost to automation. Secure your long-term future and apply for the latest biochemistry jobs today.


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