Global Talent Trends and Insights 2024

Finding, attracting and retaining the very best talent isn’t just vital for the future of your business, it is critical to the future of STEM too.

In the competitive and skills-short STEM recruitment market, understanding salary levels and expectations, along with embracing diversity and inclusion, can give your company an advantage. Anticipating future industry skill needs can also benefit potential hires.

Salary insights and trends from over 4,000 global professionals across STEM industries

Wondering how your company’s salary offers compare to your competitors? Are you offering above, or below industry standards? Is your business as diverse, inclusive and fair as it should be?

Or are you a STEM professional seeking to uncover salary trends and expectations for your role?

The exclusive insights from our Global STEM report not only offers the answers you're looking for, but also empowers you to make informed decisions for your career or recruitment strategy.

Download now to discover:

  • Global Life Science, Engineering and Clinical sector salary trends
  • How ethnicity affects salary
  • Differences in the gender pay gap
  • Insights into AI in the workplace

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