Pharmaceutical - Synergy Case Study


A global pharmaceutical business was presented with a critical project involving stability and microbiological testing with additional technical support. The urgency of the project required rapid start-up with minimal involvement from the client. 

The work was twofold:
testing of backlog and scheduled samples 
testing of new projects as they became live
Due to limited internal resources, lack of flexibility, time constraints and criticality of the project, the client quickly ruled out the options of hiring temporary workers or outsourcing the work to an external third party. 


With a primary objective for the solution to be to a quick and flexible approach to an immediate backlog challenge in the client’s Quality Control laboratories, the client saw the Synergy model as the best way to achieve this.  

In close collaboration with the client, Synergy assessed the situation, anticipating the workload would take 9-12 months and built a multidiscipline team consisting of a project manager, a senior analyst, 4 analysts and 3 microbiologists. The project manager was immediately endorsed by our client and in place within 3 weeks. His early on-site presence helped understand specific client expectations and vastly contributed to recruiting the most adequate staff within 6 weeks.
Via Synergy’s own network and utilising SRG’s candidate network, pre-trained individuals were sourced, and selected staff was supported with a jointly designed Synergy / Client training plan, which was completed within 2 weeks. Our client was responsible for initial training, with Synergy implementing a train-the-trainer programme, including specific SOP training via onsite Synergy PM. 


Working on site allowed the Synergy team to quickly operate along the client’s ways and procedures which contributed to efficiently clear the backlog with minimal quality and compliance issues. Compliance measures were agreed and stringent KPIs were set and maintained. Output and productivity were measured by key metrics, driving efficiencies within the team, measured at weekly and monthly frequencies. 

All necessary repeat work was completed on time. The Synergy onsite PM ensured all data was submitted within the specified timelines and wholly accountable for delivery (quarterly reviews included key milestone deliverables and quality service outputs). 
The embedded team allowed our client to respond quickly to a temporary increase in workload by delivering the pre-planned testing, which enabled our client’s scientists to focus on core activities and keep projects on track. The Synergy team successfully accomplished their objectives and enabled seamless transfer. 

Upon completion of the project, the team (fully trained to the client’s processes) was successfully redeployed to support other critical activities. 


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