Cignpost -Synergy Case Study


Synergy are currently partnering with Cignpost Diagnostics in the rapid delivery of highly experienced scientific professionals for a global Covid-19 onsite testing team. 

Cignpost Diagnostics were looking to pivot their existing services during the Covid-19 pandemic and approached Synergy for assistance in developing multiple scientific teams to support the  projects they had recently won.
Synergy provided scientific leadership to rapidly on board, train and manage the teams of scientists required. Cignpost Diagnostics needed a scalable model that allowed them to provide on location scientists to keep the PGA European Tour Tournament running as well as various TV and Film set locations around the country. 

The challenges lay in the speed and agility required, the variety of locations and the rapidly changing landscape as new projects were won. Finding Scientists willing to temporarily relocate, join mobile teams (sometimes travelling across different locations around the globe) and deliver accurate, fast test results whilst competition in these skill sets was also a challenge. 



Synergy recognised an opportunity to partner with Cignpost Diagnostics, to develop and deliver a fully outsourced scientific solution to support then in delivering Covid-19 testing to their prestigious client base.

Once the solution was identified, we devised a targeted marketing and resourcing campaign aimed at attracting people to the exciting locations and opportunities that Cignpost Diagnostics were offering. We showcased the PGA European Tour and filmset collateral, deploying the hashtag #scienceontour to create some buzz surrounding the Cignpost Diagnostics opportunity and business model. Using smart audience data we partnered with our resourcing business SRG and targeted relevant social channels and the existing SRG database via their recently formed Covid-19 rapid response team. We utilised their wide network of connections, access to job boards and network business partners to reach as wide an audience as possible. We set up daily pulse calls between Cignpost Diagnostics and ourselves to ensure clear and direct communication lines throughout the process. 



Within a space of 5 months Cignpost Diagnostics was present and winning business within 23 global locations. By aligning both businesses own preference for agility and efficiency, together we were able to deliver a fully governed scientific solution and adhere to the incredibly tight turnaround times from brief to start date (4 days most weeks since project inception). 
Cignpost Diagnostics relies on the mobility and agility of its workforce in order to deliver the vast amounts of rapid test results the industries they serve require. It was vitally important to create a partnership of trust based on an understanding of culture and requirements in order for the pace to be maintained. The teams from both Cignpost Diagnostics and Synergy continue to successfully work closely together during this rapid period of growth and transformation and the key to both businesses’ success is their ability and desire to remain agile. 


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