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The ongoing passion, dedication, and expertise of the Synergy team means we consistently deliver excellent results for each and every one of our clients. 

Synergy employees are fully integrated into your business, embrace your values and culture, and are
regularly retrained and upskilled to remain as agile and informed as possible. Thanks to this agility, we can quickly redeploy our teams into new projects without downtime for training and development.

By employing the implanted team directly, Synergy takes on responsibility for HR activities typically associated with headcount hires, such as:


> Recruitment and onboarding

> Training and development

> Holidays, payroll, and benefits

> Shift schedules

> Performance management

> Queries and complaint handling (if necessary)

> Wellbeing support


In addition, you'll typically be supported by an onsite Synergy manager who will oversee deliverables and KPIs for the Synergy team and work closely with you to ensure your expectations are met. 

SRG is an equal opportunities employer and champions the need for a truly diverse and inclusive workforce in STEM. We are also members of the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI), which aims to break down the barriers faced by the millions of disabled people in the job market.

Carol Jennings
Carol Jennings

Operations Director - Synergy

Carol joined Synergy as an Account Manager in 2020. She became Head of Synergy Science in 2021 before assuming her current role as Operations Director for Synergy’s statement of work (SOW) services, covering the UK and Europe.

A graduate in Molecular Biology, Carol has over 30 years’ experience of working in the Life Science’s sector, moving from research roles in Neuroscience into Operational management and leadership of scientific services. She is a multiple award winner for design, creativity, and technical excellence and passionate about encouraging young people into science roles within her wider team.

Tony Blick
Tony Blick

Operations Director - Synergy

Tony joined Synergy in 2021 as Operations Director, initially leading one of our key scientific service accounts, he has since widened his portfolio of clients with teams supporting a number of UK based scientific programmes. Prior to joining Synergy, Tony's career cover’s more than 20 years of scientific operations leadership including large scale genomic sequencing pipelines and molecular forensic science services.

Tony is passionate about delivering excellent services to our clients, working in close partnership to complement their wider aims and translating these into our teams delivery and development.

Jessica Edwards Dowding
Jessica Edwards Dowding

Deputy Operations Director - Synergy

Jessica currently works a Deputy Operations Director at Synergy with a strong scientific including a Degree in Genetics, a Masters in Human Genetics, and a PhD in Biochemistry, plus hands-on experience as a Post Doctoral Researcher, a bench-based Scientist, and Lab Manager. She has worked across Scientific Operations for over 10 years. 

Jessica enjoys working in scientific operations as it has the perfect balance of managing people, resources, time and function. Thriving on the variety, she is always seeking new opportunities to learn and further the careers of the people on her team. 

Neil Jones
Neil Jones

Operations Manager - Synergy

Neil works with our pharmaceutical and life science customers across the UK and in Europe, leading and developing Synergy teams to ensure the delivery of high-quality services.

With a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and a wealth of experience in laboratory operations and scientific service management, Neil has a track record of establishing innovative service models and adding value to collaborative projects. Prior to joining Synergy, Neil spent time working in science park management and at the interface between academia and industry, building and managing research facilities and interdisciplinary teams.

Paul Callery
Paul Callery

HR Business Partner- Synergy

Paul is Synergy’s HR Business Partner at Synergy with a focus on ensuring Synergy is a great place to work, looking at career development paths, training, and upskilling.

Paul is passionate about the culture of Synergy, continuously looking for new ways to listen, engage and improve, helping our talented employees to thrive.

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