Our People

The ongoing passion, dedication, and expertise of the Synergy team means we consistently deliver excellent results for each and every one of our clients. 

Synergy employees are fully integrated into your business, embrace your values and culture, and are
regularly retrained and upskilled to remain as agile and informed as possible. Thanks to this agility, we can quickly redeploy our teams into new projects without downtime for training and development.

By employing the implanted team directly, Synergy takes on responsibility for HR activities typically associated with headcount hires, such as:


> Recruitment and onboarding

> Training and development

> Holidays, payroll, and benefits

> Shift schedules

> Performance management

> Queries and complaint handling (if necessary)

> Wellbeing support


In addition, you'll typically be supported by an onsite Synergy manager who will oversee deliverables and KPIs for the Synergy team and work closely with you to ensure your expectations are met. 

SRG is an equal opportunities employer and champions the need for a truly diverse and inclusive workforce in STEM. We are also members of the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI), which aims to break down the barriers faced by the millions of disabled people in the job market.

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