Synergy works with clients across the scientific industry including pharmaceuticals, biotech, medtech, chemicals, clinical research, biopharma, biologics, agri-science, and sensory. 

Within the laboratory environment we can provide a wide range of expert scientific teams to support services across lab management, manufacturing, QC analysis, analytical chemistry, cell supply, modecular biology & assay support and much more. 

What do we deliver?

Synergy is an onsite Scientific Services provider. By using our clients’ existing processes and infrastructure we can identify process ownership areas to be managed by Synergy under a Statement of Works (SOW) agreement. By doing this, we reduce workload for your core permanent staff so they can focus on strategic science and accelerating project delivery. We also save our clients a significant amount of management and training time as our teams are fully employed by us, removing any co-employment risk.

Our highly skilled teams are integrated within your working environment and work with your systems, adhering to your standard operating procedures; this allows you to maintain visibility and control, with the freedom to check in with our team as much or as little as you’d like. Most of our staff are on permanent contracts and we strive to upskill and cross train our teams so that they are motivated and feel invested in whilst our customers benefit from workforce stability and high engagement. By investing in cross training your business will benefit from agility and can help to reduce challenges from peaks and troughs of resourcing demands.

What is a Statement of Works (SOW) agreement?

Very simply, an SOW is a contract that captures the details of the services that we will deliver for a particular client. As a Scientific Services Provider (SSP), we are not just providing a full-time equivalent (FTE). Details will include pre agreed costs, all deliverables and any KPI’s that will be used to measure success. By providing meaningful metrics, and strategic weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting, we provide you with tangible data and insights on our team’s performance. We focus on establishing the right framework at the start of any project to ensure our clients expectations are clear.


What can you expect from our service?

By engaging with our Synergy Scientific Services team, you gain access to a tailored, bespoke solution, aimed at resolving your onsite challenges. You can expect high standards of quality and compliance, health and safety, and technical excellence from our teams. The passion, dedication and expertise of our team means we consistently deliver results for each one of our clients.


Technical excellence

We strive for technical excellence with a fully skilled team, trained, and ready to deliver your services upon deployment. In addition, our operations team, who support all our staff and service delivery at all our customer sites, are all operational and technical experts. Synergy is a specialist scientific service, that sits within and compliments the SRG brand. SRG are further reinforced by a breadth of expertise from their sister brands, Lorien (technology and digital experts), and Carbon 60 (engineering experts), able to deliver across the full STEM spectrum of requirements. 


Quality & compliance

Quality is at the foremost of everything we do. High standards of compliance are essential to ensure adherence to all site requirements, standards, and regulations. We have a breadth of experience working within both GLP and GMP environments and have a number of employees working in quality-based roles.


Health and safety

Our employees work to high standards of health and safety. All Synergy employees undergo health and safety training before they start working with us, as we want them to think about everything they do daily to ensure that they, and all their colleagues, stay safe. With a zero-harm mind-set we encourage our teams to speak up and report near misses, be proactive in assessing and mitigating risks in the workplace, and to be proactive in championing health and safety initiatives at the sites they are deployed to.


Continuous improvement

We embrace a continuous improvement (CI) skillset enabling all our teams to truly improve service delivery for all clients - we will leave your productivity better than we found it. We aim to enable our staff at all client sites to progress on a CI journey, delivering continuous improvements while creating a community of continuous improvement enabled teams that drive positive change. We have embedded CI into the way the company works by having a formal continuous improvement Centre of Expertise, led by our certified master black belt, Kris Randall, Head of Continuous Improvement.