Synergy insourcing solutions

At SRG, we consistently push boundaries to unlock new ways of working and thinking. That’s why we’ve had fifteen years of success delivering our onsite insourcing solution, Synergy, to STEM industries. Synergy insourcing solutions maximise productivity, manage risks and costs, and give you increased oversight of projects.

Work with Synergy

Synergy is SRG’s insourcing solution for Statement of Work (SOW) projects offering external experience with internal control.

How Synergy insourcing works

Our approach works because we hire the best people for the role as Synergy (SRG) employees - reducing the challenges of recruiting, the liability of direct employment and the responsibility of ongoing HR administration such as payroll. 

The team is then fully integrated into your business with the work carried out onsite at your premises, using your equipment and to your standard operating procedures. This gives you greater visibility and control.

The Synergy team is fully managed in terms of HR processes, including the selection and recruitment, training, performance management, pay and holiday pay, sickness and national insurance contributions which allows you to free up management resources.

In addition, you will typically have the support of a Synergy manager onsite who will work closely with you to ensure your expectations are met and to oversee deliverables and KPIs for the Synergy team. 

Benefits of working with Synergy

Your business can benefit in a range of ways with Synergy insourcing solutions because we employ the team. Benefits include:

  • The elimination of co-employment risks and project management concerns
  • Greater flexibility for short-term or long-term projects
  • A reduction in headcount and associated costs with this alternative to permanent and temporary staffing models, and third party outsourcing
  • Increased employee retention compared to traditional contingent workers
  • Increased security of projects as they’re managed at your facility
  • More resources available to focus on your core priorities while the Synergy team manage the SOW project
  • Increased confidence in project outcomes as the Synergy team are measured on deliverables
Synergy insourcing services

The scope of services Synergy offers is broad, whether you need assistance with a specific project or an ongoing routine task, our team will develop a bespoke solution to suit your business needs.

Synergy services include: method development and validation; technology transfer; managing stability programs; QC testing; ad hoc projects; development activities and compliance projects; calibration and validation services; laboratory support solutions; consumable management and more.

Synergy also manage sensory and consumer panels for a wide range of industry sectors.

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Synergy sensory and consumer panels
Sensory and consumer panels

Synergy manages sensory and consumer panels for a wide range of industry sectors, from healthcare nutrition to research and development for snack food and beverages. Made up of team of carefully-selected assessors who are screened on an ongoing basis, our sensory and consumer panels meet a range of commercial needs, including product development programmes, shelf-life evaluation and more. Our results are accurate, discriminating and precise, giving our clients the highest quality sensory data.

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