STEM SOW Solution - Synergy Case Study


An international client was experiencing headcount restrictions for contingency workers, across various geographies, whilst dealing with potential risk factors surrounding “deemed employment” definitions. For a number of years, an 18-month cycle of contingency workers had been put in place to avoid employment status challenges at significant cost to the client. On top of this, each new contingent worker required training on SOP’s and SLA’s at a considerable time cost for existing team members. Productivity and team continuity were on the decline. 


As Synergy employs individuals on permanent contracts, we set out to support the client’s target via an SOW-managed model rather than through contingent workers. In initial discussions, the client quickly understood Synergy’s international reach was a major advantage and that the model would provide the most appropriate solution while remaining fully flexible to the need of resource up- or down-scaling through project lifecycles.
Our multi-lingual teams were fully briefed around the client’s needs, locations and culture. Using our expertise in the SOW market and taking a multi-channeled approach, we first engaged with our network of highly trained industry professionals and introduced the client, the project, and the opportunities within the team. 
We then embarked on a targeted campaign to engage with the right professionals in the right locations, target markets, and level of expertise required. Within a space of 3 months, we had recruited a full team of 15 across various geographies to support the project work of the new biological entities department.


The team, fully employed by Synergy but embedded on the client’s sites, was quickly brought up to speed with the culture and processes, while the SOW-managed model provided continuity of service throughout the whole duration of the contract. 

Recruitment costs (fully supported by Synergy) were drastically reduced for the client. Time to train was not repeated and therefore delivery timeframes were reduced. Productivity increased and team pressures were relieved. 

The client has commented on the variety of benefits of using the Synergy SOW-managed model: 
On the General Model: “It frees up our permanent team members to focus on core projects for the business. It also allows stable teams to contribute to the whole project, without having to worry about individual tenure limitations within the company”. 

On the Recruitment Process: “Now that the Synergy on-site Team Leaders participate in the final interview there is a continuity in the process to ensure that the future candidate is a good fit for the project, the team already in place and both ours and Synergy’s values”. 

On the Onboarding Process: “All of the timely processes such as account, training plan and access creation, security features procurement, group and department presentations and culture and value induction are taken care of”.

On the Direct Team Management: “The Synergy Team take direct management of holidays and sickness, one to one’s, annual reviews and objective setting, escalation processes where relevant, training compliance, business priorities and project requirements”. 

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