Synergy sensory and consumer panels

Synergy sensory and consumer panels support a range of commercial needs, delivering results that are accurate, discriminating and precise; ensuring you have the highest quality sensory data.

From healthcare nutrition to research and development for snack food and beverages, Synergy sensory and consumer panels support a wide range of industry sectors with activities such as product development programmes, shelf-life evaluation and more.

How Synergy sensory and consumer panels work with you

Synergy sensory and consumer panels operate onsite at the sensory suite on your premises, using your equipment, materials and standard operating procedures.

The sensory and consumer panels are fully managed by the Synergy team with a Sensory and Consumer Technical Manager overseeing the panel to ensure the project runs effectively and efficiently.

Synergy manage recruitment of the sensory panel, including advertising campaigns, screening applications and candidates, telephone interviews, and setting up and managing assessment days at your site. Synergy also runs the interviews, group exercises and manages the paperwork. 

We also maintain a database of suitable consumers, manage all aspects of appointments, rejections and onboarding of the candidates; including, informing individuals of your procedures and requirements.

Benefits of working with Synergy sensory panels

Your business can benefit in a range of ways with Synergy sensory and consumer panels, including:

  • Greater visibility and control with the panels managed onsite using your standard operating procedures
  • Dedicated, flexible panellists that are supervised by Synergy
  • The elimination of co-employment risks and project management concerns
  • Increased security of projects and intellectual property as sensory panels are managed at your facility
  • Improved cost management with fixed monthly fees
  • Complete visibility and instant access to data and workloads
Your sensory and consumer panel team

Synergy sensory and consumer panels are fully resourced and managed by a Sensory and Consumer Technical Manager who has overall responsibility for the project. This manager will work offsite or onsite as required and is responsible for HR and managerial support for sensory panellists and communication with your business.

Each team consists of:

  • A Panel Leader who is responsible for the day to day running of sensory projects and managing the panel (if required).
  • A team of Sensory Panellists who provide accurate and reportable data to support commercial decisions
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