How Early Talent can Help with the Skills Gap

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How Early Talent can Help with the Skills Gap

How Early Talent can Help with the Skills Gap

Changing skills requirements have widened the UK skills gap and generated a competitive talent market, where organisations are paying increasingly higher wages to attract a limited pool of qualified candidates.

To succeed in a rapidly changing and evolving world of work, STEM leaders must not only adapt and reconsider the skills needed to succeed, but the way they source those skills and maintain workforce agility across times of uncertainty.

Early talent strategies pave the way to affordable and sustainable talent pipelines which enable scientific businesses to activate their business strategies and futureproof organisational success.

Bridge the Skills Gap with Early Talent

In this whitepaper, we provide actionable guidance, insights, and expertise to support STEM businesses in bridging the skills gap through Early Talent.

Alongside providing strategic advice for Early Talent programmes, we delve behind the priorities, motivations and needs of early talent groups entering the talent market today.

Download to find out:

  • What is an Early Talent strategy
  • How Early Talent supports STEM workforce challenges
  • Priorities and motivators for Early Talent
  • How to power candidate pipelines with Early Talent
  • Common hurdles in building a successful Early Talent strategy
  • How SRG can help advise on your strategy


Click here to view the report.

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