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What sets Synergy apart is our flexibility to provide bespoke solutions through customer consultation. Our solutions address headcount constraints and provide an agile and scalable approach to projects. The full recruitment effort is managed by Synergy and our time to hire is typically less than average.

Because the team is fully employed by Synergy, we have increased staff retention. Our model addresses immediate skills and expertise gaps and your HR liability is reduced via our fully managed HR processes. The fixed monthly fee eliminates the use of timesheets and our task orders essentially mean you mitigate the risk of co-employment. To ensure accountability and compliance our whole service has full technical governance by Synergy’s Senior Management.

Our solutions broadly fall under one of the following headline structures:
Synergy Service

This is our ongoing fully governed service model. It works well for times when you have ongoing activities that need skilled workers (for example QC laboratory support). Individuals are fully employed by Synergy and we are responsible for all recruitment and HR functions. We work in partnership to schedule the work and provide an on-site team leader to provide supervision of the Statement of Work deliverables. As part of the service our teams are cross trained and upskilled throughout the year to ensure continuity of work in progress.

Synergy Project

This typically works where you have a fixed project length and or a defined termination date. You received a fully governed project delivery model with agreed milestones designed to your SOPs. Individuals are still fully employed by Synergy and we are responsible for all recruitment and HR functions. We will appoint an on-site team leader to provide supervision and ensure that the embedded team are meeting key metrics and/or deliverables. Examples where this model works well would be tech transfer projects, process improvement initiatives or stability back-logs.

Synergy Flex

This is our most customised offer. We recognise that it isn’t possible to have a one size fits all approach to every situation, so for smaller accounts, in areas where a small volume of targeted expertise is required or where there is no viable need for a team leader we can still offer a solution. Individuals report to a regional Synergy account manager who supports them with regards to welfare, performance, and development. In this instance, the day-to-day supervision and technical training of Synergy employees is undertaken by the end client. Examples, where this has worked well, are within individual ad-hoc roles across various projects or departments at the client’s site.

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