STEM Executive Search - Case Study

Find out how Search by SRG helped a major diagnostic company meet their business goals and save 30% on their final hire cost with an interim hire.

Working with a major UK diagnostic company, Search by SRG delivered an interim consultant who kept business on track and helped save the company 30% on their final hire cost.

The Challenge

A major UK diagnostic company faced a surge in demand across the pandemic and needed to rapidly scale their testing services without compromising on the quality, or scientific integrity of their work.

Leadership at the company identified a need for a virology medical expert and asked us to find a Clinical Director to urgently join their team. 

The diagnostic company’s key objectives for the hiring project were to:

  • Create a future proof strategy for the organisation
  • Identify improvement areas in clinical compliance
  • Optimise clinical training across operations

Search by SRG needed to imminently deliver a candidate with the expertise to deliver on these objectives.

Our Solution

We began the search for a clinical director and recommended an interim consultant to fulfil immediate business requirements. 

We leveraged our extensive candidate network to identify a high-calibre selection of potential interim hires and presented them to our client within just a few days. 

One individual not only had every required qualification, but also had an extensive network in virology, diagnostic leadership experience and global business expertise. The company quickly accepted this candidate and hired them as an interim CMO (chief medical officer) while we continued the search for their ideal Clinical Director.

One of the key benefits of this approach is that there is no finders or placement fee attached to the consultancy hire. This enabled our client to limit excess costs they may have encountered by going elsewhere, as they only paid for the time and duration worked by the interim consultant.

The Result

  • 100% fill rate
  • 2 weeks turnaround from role brief to fill
  • Final hire’s annual cost reduced by 30%
  • Retained business continuity

Our interim CMO drew on his own experience across virology and diagnostics to deliver on key business objectives. While doing so, he realised that the skills the company had prioritised in their search for a Clinical Director were misaligned with their business requirements.

While the organisation needed a clinical director with strong scientific expertise and knowledge of laboratory compliance, they were instead focused on finding candidates with medical knowledge - of whom come at a much higher price than other scientific experts.

Once the CMO identified this, he redesigned and optimised the skill requirements for the Clinical Director role, prioritising laboratory compliance experience and scientific expertise. This adjustment enabled the company to widen their talent pool and make a substantial saving of 30% on their eventual hire’s annual cost.

Who are Search by SRG?

Search by SRG is a global, market leading search service for technical hires across STEM. 

We work with businesses to identify niche skills, deliver on project builds and secure senior technical appointments in every STEM sector. 

Our team of business prudent consultants are subject matter experts and lead a flexible, transparent process that ensures the best talent is not only appointed but retained.

We offer an interim hiring service in urgent situations, drawing on our reserve of freelance experts to temporarily equip our clients with the talent they need at short notice, while we source their permanent hire.

Need help recruiting a scientific or medical specialist? Contact to arrange a call back at your convenience.

Contact our Clinical Development and Medical Executive Search Specialists

Vlad Babych

Principal Consultant

Specialist Areas: Medical & Clinical Development

Vlad specialises in finding Medical Experts and PhD qualified candidates for Medical Affairs, Clinical Development and Pharmacovigilance domains Internationally.

His academic background in social psychology and business enables him to build a deeper understanding of his audiences needs and wants, and to build flourishing relations within his network. He is very mission oriented in his approach with strong perseverance ability that is required for achieving expected outcomes on niche and senior roles. Vlad puts great emphasis on high quality matches between candidates and roles, with consistently positive feedback from hiring managers regarding the quality of candidates he finds and his input in managing the hiring process.

The typical roles Vlad recruits include; Medical Director, Medical Affairs Lead, Chief Medical Officer, Head of Medical Affairs, Medical Advisor/Manager, Head of Clinical Science, Clinical Lead, Clinical Study Physician, Drug Safety Physician, QPPV and Pharmacovigilance Scientists.

TESTIMONIAL: Group Director of Strategic Recruitment, Pharma company

“I have had the pleasure of working with Vlad for several years and I can recommend him for his drive, tenacity, perseverance and quality of service. Vlad directly delivered and led a number of recruitment projects for vacancies in Medical Affairs, PVG, R&D, Market Access and HEOR functions at Servier, whilst also proactively placing some freelancers with hiring managers. He is a skilled recruiter and has, time and again, proven his capacity to engage with multiple stakeholders and candidates while maintaining a strong result orientation.”

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