Covid 19 Rapid Response Team

SRG launches the COVID-19 rapid response team to be able to help companies scale up their teams at pace.

We want to thank all those on the frontlines in the battle against Covid-19. We also want to let you know that everyone here at SRG is dedicated to supporting individuals and businesses through their journey and negotiating through the next months as we all get back on our feet.

To that end SRG launched the COVID-19 rapid response team to be able to help companies scale up teams at pace and help individuals affected by a shift in employment get back into roles they excel at.

We continue to engage with the government (UK) around the subject of helping companies working within the supply chain for COVID-19 related products and services and are now on their preferred supplier list.

Our response team members across the globe are working with individuals to fill roles within very short time frames.

Skill-sets that we are able to supply at pace are:

  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Clinical Trials and Research and Development
  • Large scale drug/vaccine development
  • PPE manufacturing projects
  • Validation quality and technical support
  • GMP Manufacturing Technicians
  • Advisory / Regulatory roles
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Project Engineering
  • Process Engineering

And across relevant industries such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Testing and screening
  • Stem sell treatment
  • Medical technology
  • PPE production

SRG has a strong heritage of responding quickly and proactively during difficult times, successfully redeploying people during the bird flu epidemic of 2005. Then we were able to help clients scale up their teams very quickly to ensure their people could actively work on trials, vaccines, produce equipment and ultimately rapidly get to market the drugs and items needed to help with the response efforts. To enquire about how SRG can help you find the right individuals for these vital roles get in touch with our key contacts below.

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