Innovative Biotech Company Recruits Senior Interim Talent with SRG

Search by SRG recruit a senior interim expert to guide clinical development, protecting business continuity for a new biotech company

Discover how an innovative biotechnology company benefitted from interim consultant support from Search by SRG.

The Challenge

An innovative new biotechnology company secured significant funding to advance their clinical development pipeline, after a series of initial successes.
Given the potential of the product, development needed to occur before competitors had the chance to establish any similar technologies.

However, the only leader with the Clinical and Medical expertise required to enable such a complex project had prior commitments as Chief Medical Officer – this resource limitation led to a critical bottleneck.

To bring their plans to fruition, the company needed to hire a Global Clinical Science Leader to strategise and execute the clinical studies. Due to the business criticality of the role, the position needed to be imminently filled, and the company turned to Search by SRG for assistance. 


At SRG we recognised that a time-sensitive approach was critical. 

A permanent candidate for the position would have had a longer notice period; this was time the company couldn’t spare. Based on our understanding of the industry, and how important the right leaders can be in such a position, the Search by SRG team advised the client to hire an available candidate through a temporary consultancy agreement to meet immediate business needs.

Drawing on our deep market network, the Search by SRG team were able to identify candidates for both the permanent hire, and interim consultant within a matter of weeks.

We leveraged our global links to facilitate contract agreements between an outstanding EU based consultant and the EU HQ of the company. This provided the company with the talent required to immediately meet business requirements, while waiting for the notice period of the permanent candidate to conclude.

One of the key benefits of this approach is that there is no finders or placement fee attached to the consultancy hire. This enabled our client to limit excess costs they may have encountered by going elsewhere.

The Result

100% Fill Rate, Retained Business Continuity, 3 Weeks Turnaround from Role Brief to Fill

Hiring the temporary consultant as Global Clinical Science Leader boosted the capacity of the Chief Medical Officer, enabling them to focus on their strategic objectives, while the new high value projects were steered under the reliable hand of our newly placed consultant. 

Managing the situation with an interim hire, protected the company from making any rash decisions and allowed Search by SRG the time required to find the right individual for the permanent position.

The permanent hire was able to successfully take on the projects from the consultant, and facilitate ongoing management of clinical development processes, dismantling the bottleneck the company had previously been stifled by, completely. 


Who are Search by SRG?

Search by SRG is a global, market leading search service for technical hires across STEM. 

We work with businesses to identify niche skills, deliver on project builds and secure senior technical appointments in every STEM sector. 

Our team of business prudent consultants are subject matter experts and lead a flexible, transparent process that ensures the best talent is not only appointed but retained.

We offer an interim hiring service in urgent situations, drawing on our reserve of freelance experts to temporarily equip our clients with the talent they need at short notice, while we source their permanent hire.

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