How SRG can help you turbocharge your workforce planning strategy

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How SRG can help you turbocharge your workforce planning strategy

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How SRG can help you turbocharge your workforce planning strategy

Find out SRG’s dedicated MSP team can help you streamline business processes and build a dynamic workforce.

To stay ahead of the competition, STEM organisations are recognising that calling on the support of an experienced managed service provider (MSP) can help them fulfil their human capital needs. 


In today’s hypercompetitive and increasingly complex STEM recruitment market, having an agile eye on future talent is critical. 


In our previous blog, we explored the benefits of one such core area of people strategy: workforce planning. With rapid technological change and economic uncertainty exerting a huge impact on top-level decision-making, lending strategic weight to the workforce of the future is a must for any business. 


By investing in workforce planning, you’ll be investing in improved business outcomes — from bridging the skills gap to reducing absenteeism. Here’s how SRG’s dedicated MSP team can help you streamline your workforce and adequately prepare for a range of future scenarios.


1) Industry-leading expertise


From the outset, we’ll assign a single point of contact for all temporary worker requirements. This individual will be one of our STEM talent management experts and will manage the process with the support of a dedicated team.


2) End-to-end optimisation


We’ll set up a streamlined process that's underpinned by our bespoke technology platform and geared towards improving workforce efficiencies.


3) Total workforce oversight


We’ll provide full visibility of temporary worker headcount, spend, tenure, quality, and supplier performance — with your full input and agreement on key metrics from the get-go.


4) Competitive rates


We’ll provide competitive agency rates, pre-agreed temp and perm fees, and access to the latest market information to ensure worker pay rates are in line with the market.


5) Access to the best candidates


You need candidates that are ready to fill open positions. With SRG, you’ll gain access to one of the largest and most reliable talent pipelines in STEM. 


6) Full compliance


You’ll have assurance that all temporary workers meet vetting requirements and comply with workplace and legislative regulations such as IR35, GDPR, and AWR.


7) Supplier management


You’ll benefit from effective and proactive supplier management through consistent terms of engagement, performance measurement, coaching, and SLA/KPI management. 


8) Frequent progress reports


You’ll be kept in the loop via an intuitive project dashboard as well as regular, face-to-face meetings with the SRG account manager.


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