Global STEM Salary Survey 2023

Global STEM Salary Survey 2023

Global STEM Salary Survey 2023

Attracting and retaining talent in STEM is business critical.

According to almost three-quarters of global senior leaders, talent and skills shortages are the greatest barrier to business strategy over the next 12 months.

In this competitive and skills-short market, understanding current salary levels can unlock better recruitment outcomes faster to help you retain, and attract the most skilled talent.

Salary trends from 4,000 global STEM professionals across STEM

Do you know whether you offer under, or over industry standards compared to your competitors? Does your salary match up to your peers?

Improve your talent strategy with our exclusive insights into global STEM salary trends and make informed career decisions.

Packed with the latest salary information and year-on-year comparative analyses, our Salary Survey has the information you need to deliver a fair, and competitive salary nationally, and globally.

Download now to discover

  • Global STEM sector salary trends
  • How ethnicity affects salary
  • STEM job level salary ranges
  • Global differences in the gender pay gap


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