Attracting and retaining life sciences talent in the pharmaceutical market requires a strategic approach that emphasizes recruitment, development, and a commitment to innovation, compliance, and excellence.  

By specializing in clinical, quality, regulatory, and compliance talent in the pharmaceutical market, we are committed to bringing together a diverse pool of top-tier professionals who are poised to elevate the industry's standards. Our unwavering dedication to sourcing, nurturing, and placing the most exceptional talent empowers pharmaceutical companies to navigate the intricacies of clinical trials, regulatory frameworks, and quality assurance with confidence, ensuring the advancement of cutting-edge treatments and therapies for a healthier world. 

Market trends in the pharmaceutical market 

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly embracing digital technologies and data analytics, so we look for professionals with skills in data science, AI, and machine learning to analyze large datasets and improve drug discovery, clinical trials, and patient outcomes. 

Given the evolving regulatory landscape, there was a growing need for experts in compliance and regulatory affairs. Professionals who could navigate complex global regulations were in demand to ensure product approvals and compliance with changing standards. 

Pharmaceutical Recruitment Solutions 

Our recruiting strategy in the pharmaceutical market is designed to attract and retain top talent in this highly competitive industry. SRG’s commitment to providing the top clinical, quality, regulatory, and compliance talent differentiates our services to our clients. We’ve cultivated a vast network of professionals in the pharmaceutical field and keep our fingers on the pulse of our partners to gain insights into changing talent requirements. 

We have implemented rigorous candidate assessment processes to ensure the best-fit talent for our clients which includes technical interviews, skills assessments, and cultural fit evaluations, and helps to weed out problematic fraudulent candidates. 

Top Jobs in the Pharmaceutical market: 

  • Clinical Data Manager 

  • Clinical Operations Manager 

  • Clinical Pharmacologist 

  • Clinical Project Manager 

  • Clinical Quality Assurance Specialist 

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA) 

  • Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) 

  • Clinical Scientist 

  • Clinical Trial Manager 

  • Compliance Analyst 

  • Compliance Investigator 

  • Compliance Manager 

  • Compliance Officer 

  • Compliance Specialist 

  • Compliance Trainer 

  • Document Control Specialist 

  • GxP Compliance Auditor (GMP, GLP, GCP, etc.) 

  • Healthcare Compliance Officer  

  • Medical Writer 

  • Pharmacovigilance Compliance Specialist 

  • Quality Assurance Specialist 

  • Quality Auditor 

  • Quality Compliance Officer 

  • Quality Control Analyst 

  • Quality Manager 

  • Quality Systems Specialist 

  • Regulatory Affairs Analyst 

  • Regulatory Affairs Manager/Director 

  • Regulatory Affairs Project Manager 

  • Regulatory Affairs Quality Specialist 

  • Regulatory Compliance Manager 

  • Regulatory Operations Specialist 

  • Supplier Quality Engineer 

  • Validation Engineer