SRG is the leader in the Life Sciences human capital industry with three decades of specialized knowledge for clinical, quality, regulatory, and compliance talent solutions. We recruit across the Life Sciences product life cycle—covering scientific research and development (R&D), clinical trials, manufacturing, and engineering disciplines.  

At SRG, we don't just provide solutions, we create tailored strategies that keep you ahead of the curve and give you complete agility. We adapt to your requirements, offering scalable solutions, next-generation skill sets, and time-sensitive project support. Our market and industry insights are at your disposal, empowering you to make informed decisions.  

The essence of our contractor recruitment lies in our focus on flexibility and expertise. Companies often require specific skill sets for short-term projects or to bridge a gap in their workforce. Our recruiters are skilled in identifying and attracting talent with the required life sciences, clinical, and engineering expertise. We have a deep understanding of the industries we work in and the demands of the roles we are hiring for, allowing us to efficiently match the right candidates with the right opportunities.  

One key benefit of partnering with SRG for contractor recruitment is the ability to swiftly onboard skilled science-based professionals. These individuals can immediately contribute to your project or role without the long-term commitments associated with permanent hiring. This flexibility is particularly valuable in dynamic environments where project timelines and technological evolution are rapid and unpredictable.  

Our team of recruiters maintains a vast network of contacts and uses various sourcing strategies to find candidates. These strategies include leveraging online job portals, social media platforms, professional networking sites, and industry events. We also rely on referrals and their personal network, which is particularly useful in niche areas where talent is scarce.  

Contractor recruitment is an integral part of modern talent acquisition strategies. It offers both employers and employees flexibility and the opportunity to align skills and needs in a rapidly evolving job market.  

What Markets do we cover?  

  • Biologics 

  • Biotechnology 

  • Clinical 

  • Medical Devices 

  • Pharmaceutical 

Our strategy is centered on building strong, personalized relationships with both our clients and candidates. We get to know your specific hiring needs and use this knowledge to create successful connections that empower growth and success. 


What are the benefits of SRG?  

Quick delivery -We have a talent pipeline that matches required skill sets, so we can deliver high-caliber, pre-qualified talent when you need it.  

Extensive networks -With far-reaching networks across all disciplines, we can quickly identify talent in even the most complex markets.  

Expertise -We have over 30 years of experience identifying and engaging with the scientific community. 

Competitive prices -Hire talent at industry-leading rates.  


Our clients are companies like yours that value and reward top talent and help people flourish and grow. We have relationships with candidates in all major disciplines, attracting and placing people who can positively impact your team.  

If you are looking to become a contractor, please go to our talent network.