SRG specializes in clinical, quality, regulatory, and compliance talent, standing with our partners at the forefront of innovation within the biologics and biotechnology market. We are dedicated to driving progress in this innovative sector, providing a strategic advantage to organizations seeking to pioneer breakthrough therapies and technologies.  

With our unparalleled network of industry professionals, we deliver the critical talent needed to navigate the intricate realms of clinical trials, uphold stringent quality standards, navigate complex regulatory pathways, and ensure unwavering compliance. Together, we catalyze advancements that redefine the boundaries of healthcare, enabling biologics and biotechnology companies to shape a brighter, healthier future for all. 

Market trends in the Biologics/Biotechnology sector: 

The biotechnology and biologics sector within pharmaceuticals is experiencing significant growth. Demand for talent is robust as companies focus on innovative therapies like gene editing, cell-based treatments, and immunotherapy research and development. 

Biotech companies rely on data-driven approaches for drug discovery and development. Professionals skilled in bioinformatics, data analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI) are in demand to analyze complex biological data. Companies are also looking for those with cross-disciplinary skills, to bridge the gap between biology and engineering or biology and computer science. 

With the production of biologics and biotech products growing, there is a greater need for experts in biomanufacturing and process optimization. Roles such as bioprocess engineers and biomanufacturing scientists are sought after. 

The regulatory landscape for advanced therapies, including gene and cell therapies, continues to evolve. Regulatory affairs professionals with expertise in these areas are in demand to navigate the regulatory requirements. Ensuring the highest quality standards for biologic and biotech products is a priority. Quality control and assurance professionals play a vital role in maintaining product integrity and regulatory compliance. 

The startup ecosystem in biotechnology is vibrant. Many professionals seeking entrepreneurial opportunities are looking to work in agile, innovative environments and find their home in biotech startups. 

Biotechnology and Biologics Recruitment strategy: 

We specialize in biotechnology and biologics talent. Our understanding of the industry's intricacies to attract clients and candidates seeking specialized expertise with our robust network within the biotechnology and biologics community.  

Our strong, long-term relationships with biotechnology and biologics companies underpins our commitment to providing unique talent, growth strategies, and culture needs. We provide tailored recruitment solutions and have implemented rigorous candidate assessment processes to identify top-tier talent. We leverage technical interviews, skills assessments, and cultural fit evaluations to ensure quality placements. 

We have built and maintain a talent pipeline of professionals with expertise in gene and cell therapy, immunotherapy, bioprocessing, regulatory affairs, bioinformatics, and other relevant areas. We’ve established a feedback loop with candidates and clients to continuously improve our recruitment processes and adapt to changing market dynamics. 

Top Jobs in the Pharmaceutical market: 

  • Clinical Data Manager 

  • Clinical Operations Manager 

  • Clinical Pharmacologist 

  • Clinical Project Manager 

  • Clinical Quality Assurance Specialist 

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA) 

  • Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) 

  • Clinical Scientist 

  • Clinical Trial Manager 

  • Compliance Analyst 

  • Compliance Investigator 

  • Compliance Manager 

  • Compliance Officer 

  • Compliance Specialist 

  • Compliance Trainer 

  • Document Control Specialist 

  • GxP Compliance Auditor (GMP, GLP, GCP, etc.) 

  • Healthcare Compliance Officer  

  • Medical Writer 

  • Pharmacovigilance Compliance Specialist 

  • Quality Assurance Specialist 

  • Quality Auditor 

  • Quality Compliance Officer 

  • Quality Control Analyst 

  • Quality Manager 

  • Quality Systems Specialist 

  • Regulatory Affairs Analyst 

  • Regulatory Affairs Manager/Director 

  • Regulatory Affairs Project Manager 

  • Regulatory Affairs Quality Specialist 

  • Regulatory Compliance Manager 

  • Regulatory Operations Specialist 

  • Supplier Quality Engineer 

  • Validation Engineer