Global Talent Trends & Insights 2024

This year’s Global Talent Trends & Insights report is set against dramatic change. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the drive to develop vaccines and treatments led to considerable investments in the life sciences sector and increased demand for skilled workers. This inevitably led to a reset when the virus was eventually curbed. This year’s report suggests a potential return to pre-pandemic activity levels. 

Salary insights and trends from over 4,000 global professionals across a wide variety of industries

Wondering how your company’s salary offers compare to your competitors? Are you offering above or below industry standards? Is your business as diverse, inclusive, and fair as it should be?

Or are you a Life Sciences professional hoping to find out whether your salary matches up to your peers, or the average salary expectations for your role?

The exclusive insights gained from our Global Talent Trends & Insights Survey could provide the answers you’re looking for and help you make more informed decisions for the next stages of your career or recruitment strategy.

Download now to discover:

  • Global Life Science salary and workplace trends
  • How ethnicity affects salary
  • Global differences in the gender pay gap
  • Insights into AI in the workplace

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