Clinical Consulting Services & Recruitment Solutions  

Access the best clinical minds that move businesses forward in Pharmaceutical, Biologics, Biotechnology, and Medical Devices. 

We have built a robust clinical talent network of specialized talent. Regardless of the stage of your venture or the need for key contributors on outsourced teams, we offer comprehensive contract and permanent consulting solutions across all R&D phases, therapeutic areas, and skill sets. 

Industry OutlookNavigating clinical talent acquisition with precision  

Medical advancements are evolving at an unprecedented pace, and the demand for skilled clinical experts is surging. With more than 435,000 active clinical trials underway across the globe, the need for exceptional clinical expertise and precision skill sets has become mission-critical. Embracing novel solutions and strategic partnerships to bridge the talent is what will propel the industry forward. 

Industry-leading service offerings: 

  • Consultant/Contract Staffing

  • Direct Hire 

  • Project-based/SOW 

  • Executive Search 

SRG’s unique candidate screening process  

Through our meticulous 8-step candidate screening process, we ensure only genuine, qualified consultants are presented to our clients. Our solutions are driven by a proactive approach to protect our clients from potential risk and preserve your workforce’s credibility. 

Essential consulting functions we support: 

  • Clinical Development 

  • Clinical Operations 

  • Biometrics & Data Management  

  • Medical Writing 

  • Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance 

  • Medical Affairs 

Key skill sets we recruit for: 

  • Clinical Project Director 

  • Clinical Project and  

  • Program Management 

  • Clinical Trial Management (CTM) 

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)  

  • In-House Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
  • Regional Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
  • Clinical Trial Associate (CTA) 
  • Medical Director 

  • Clinical Scientist 

  • Clinical Pharmacologist  

  • Toxicologist 

  • Biostatistician 

  • Clinical SAS Programmer  

  • Statistical Programmer 

  • Data Manager 

  • Data Coordinator 

  • Medical Writer 

  • Medical Information Specialist  

  • Technical Writer 

  • Medical Editor 

  • Medical Monitors 

  • Drug Safety Associate  

  • Pharmacovigilance Manager  

  • Head of Medical Affairs 

  • Medical Directors 

  • Medical Science Liaison (MSL) 

  • Health Economics and Outcomes Researcher (HEOR) 

  • Epidemiologist 

Fraudulent candidates—Our commitment to trust and integrity 

The Life Sciences industry has witnessed the growth of fraudulent clinical candidates. As dependency on these pivotal professionals rises, so do the opportunities for exploitation. 

A study by Glider AI found that what they call “candidate fraud” has nearly doubled—a 92% increase—since before the pandemic. We understand the critical nature of this issue, its impact on the integrity of the recruitment process, and its potential to compromise the success of life-saving projects. 

Triumph in Trials: Strategic consultant acquisition for a complex Biopharma (NOTE: LINK TO BIO PAGE) study 

In late 2022, a thriving biopharmaceutical enterprise geared up for a significant clinical trial spanning 20 North American sites and encompassing over 1,500 participants. The company needed to address multiple challenges related to participant recruitment, site coordination, and clinical monitoring. 

To meet the demands of this ambitious study, the company sought adept project management, coordination, and resource support. By leveraging our consultant community, SRG was able to swiftly assemble a tailored team. This team’s composition included Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) with specialized Central Nervous System (CNS) experience, flexibility for travel, and capacity to take on new tasks. 

SRG’s seamless consultant recruitment process allowed for the formation of a highly skilled team within two weeks of project commencement. The CRAs adeptly managed patient recruitment, site coordination, and clinical monitoring. This concerted effort paved the way for a successful two-year study, enriching the company’s clinical trial expertise in rare therapeutic domains. The outcome was not just a triumph in trials, but a strategic partnership that endures.