Bridging the Gender Gap - The Unexplored Potential for Women in Clinical Research

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Bridging the Gender Gap - The Unexplored Potential for Women in Clinical Research
Kimberly Robbins

5 mins

Bridging the Gender Gap - The Unexplored Potential for Women in Clinical Research

The role of women in the scientific community has always been of paramount importance, yet women remain underrepresented and under-compensated. This blog focuses on women in clinical research, a field teeming with opportunity and the potential to rewrite the gender narrative.

The role of women in the scientific community has always been of paramount importance, yet women remain underrepresented and under-compensated. This blog focuses on women in clinical research, a field teeming with opportunity and the potential to rewrite the gender narrative.


The current state of women employed in clinical research

Women are essential players in clinical research, bringing to the table a unique blend of skill, perspective, and understanding. Women have been at the helm of many landmark studies, playing crucial roles in discovering and developing life-altering treatments and therapies. However, their representation and compensation often fail to reflect their indispensable contributions. In 2023, SRG and New Scientist conducted a global STEM salary survey and found that in North America, 40% of the industry is comprised of women, yet women are paid 13% less than men. 


The opportunity awaiting women in clinical research

Despite these challenges, the field of clinical research offers incredible potential for women. With the healthcare industry increasingly recognizing the need for gender diversity to drive innovation and better patient outcomes, a change is on the horizon. Women can work on pioneering research projects, contribute to scientific advancements, and play a significant role in reshaping global health policies.

Moreover, as clinical trials become more patient-centric and require diverse patient representation, there is a growing need for diversity among researchers. This evolution paves the way for more women to take center stage in designing and managing studies that address female patients’ specific needs and experiences.


Strategies to bridge the gender gap

Encouraging more women to step into clinical research requires addressing the underlying causes of the gender and pay gaps. Improving access to education and training opportunities, providing mentorship programs, promoting work-life balance, and implementing fair compensation strategies are just a few approaches that can catalyze change.

Recognition of the gender pay gap is the first step towards eliminating it. Increasing transparency around compensation and establishing fair pay policies can help to ensure that women are paid equitably for their contributions. Supporting women in leadership positions in clinical research can serve as a mechanism for change, paving the way for more gender equity in the field.

How SRG is leading the way

In a world where science and technology grow at an exponential pace, a strong and diverse workforce is more critical than ever. SRG has over three decades of experience in life sciences and is fully committed to playing a key role in bridging the gender and pay gaps in the field of clinical research. 


Here's how we're making a difference:

1. Leveraging expertise to build diverse teams

SRG deeply understands the unique demands and opportunities within the life sciences sector. We use this expertise to support and promote diverse talent, particularly focusing on empowering women in the field. By connecting our diverse pool of highly skilled female professionals with firms seeking to enhance their clinical research teams, we aid in increasing the representation of women in this critical field.

2. Implementing fair compensation policies

Recent research by New Scientist and SRG shows the persistent pay gap in the sector, and we have made it our goal to help rectify this disparity. As part of our staffing services, we provide consultation for companies on establishing and maintaining fair compensation policies. We are committed to promoting pay equity, ensuring that every professional we place is compensated fairly for their skills and contributions, regardless of gender.

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3. Providing access to training and mentorship

We firmly believe in the power of training and mentorship in accelerating one's career. That's why we provide access to industry-leading training resources and pair our candidates with mentors who can guide them every step of the way. By ensuring women have the necessary skills and support, we can help them navigate and excel in the clinical research field.

To this end, SRG works with STEM Council for Good which partners with diverse non-profit organizations and STEM companies to create pathways for everyone considering a career in STEM. They invite allies and job seekers to come together to share experiences, provide support, connect through networking, and continually educate each other. By bringing together those at all stages of experience, including career pivoters, veterans, military spouses, recent graduates, and experts at every level, this community creates a platform for all those who are underserved or underrepresented, creating new opportunities.

4. Promoting women in leadership roles

To truly bridge the gender gap, seeing more women in leadership roles is essential. As part of our staffing strategy, we make a concerted effort to advocate for female candidates for senior positions within clinical research. By promoting women in leadership, we not only help to shatter the glass ceiling but also provide role models for future generations of women scientists.



Women in clinical research are invaluable assets, and recognizing this fact is key to bridging the existing pay and gender gap. By nurturing an environment of inclusion, respect, and equal opportunity, the clinical research field can not only welcome more women into its ranks but also thrive on the unique insights and innovations they bring. The future of clinical research is one of gender equality and diversity, in which every contribution is acknowledged, appreciated, and adequately compensated.

SRG’s 30-year journey in the life sciences sector has given us deep insights into the industry's workforce dynamics. We are committed to using this knowledge to bridge the gender and pay gap in clinical research. By fostering diversity, advocating for fair pay, and promoting women in leadership roles, we are helping create a more inclusive and equitable future for clinical research. In doing so, we are not only improving lives today, but also inspiring the women researchers of tomorrow.

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