What is Statement of Work (SoW)?

Through a Statement of Work (SoW) contract, the specific requirements of a client or specific project are identified and agreed. This includes solutions and services to meet these requirements, deliverables, costs, and timetables, provided on behalf of the client by an external expert such as Synergy by SRG. 

SRG’S Statement of Work Expertise

Driven by passion, dedication and years of expertise, our Synergy by SRG teams provide bespoke solutions for clients across scientific industries, from pharmaceuticals and biotech to agri-science.

Fully integrating themselves within a client’s business, including adhering to existing processes and infrastructure and embracing core values and culture, our highly-skilled Synergy experts manage project areas – as agreed under a Statement of Work – from end-to-end, whilst offering the client as much or as little visibility and control as they’d like throughout. 

Much more than a provider of a full-time equivalent (FTE) service, as a Scientific Services Provider (SSP), Synergy by SRG can provide adaptable, agile services that include pre-agreed costs, all deliverable and KPI’s to measure and manage success of the project, in addition to bespoke solutions tailored to overcome a client’s specific challenges.