Press Release: UK and European Salaries Rise to the Highest Level in 5 Years for Roles in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), While Pay Inequities Worsen

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In the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM):

• Average UK salaries have risen by 13.1% to £51,942
• Average European salaries have risen by 18.7% to €62,877
• Average North American salaries rose by 5.5% to $84,571
• UK Black employees earn on average £7,951 below their White co-workers
• UK Asian employees earn on average £16,297 below their White co-workers
• UK female employees earn 13% below the salary average
• North American female employees earn 13% below the salary average
• European female employees earn 11% below the salary average



LONDON, 12/06/2023: A survey from STEM recruitment expert SRG and New Scientist reveals heightening salaries and worsening pay inequities across

the global STEM industries.

While the survey indicates that average salaries across the scientific sectors have risen in the UK (13.1% increase), Europe (18.7% increase), and North America (5.5% increase), the gender and ethnicity pay gaps remain significant hurdles to meaningful pay equity in STEM.

In 2022, our STEM Salary Survey revealed a 28% difference in the gender pay gap in the UK, a 17% gender pay gap in Europe, and a 17.5% gender pay gap in North America.

While this year’s survey shows an improvement in gender pay disparities, there remains significant progress to be made. In the UK, the gender pay gap is 13%, in Europe 11%, and in North America 13%.

While prospects for women in the scientific industries are improving, ethnic disparities in pay have heightened. 

In 2022, our STEM Salary Survey revealed that STEM professionals from Mixed/Multiple ethnic backgrounds earned £5,472 below their White co-workers, followed by Asian professionals (£7,412 below White co-workers), and Black professionals (£14,636 below White co-workers).

This year, our research shows that STEM professionals from Mixed/Multiple ethnic backgrounds earned just £891 below their White co-workers, while Black professionals earned £7,951 below their white co-workers and Asian professionals earned £16,297 below their White co-workers.

Andrew Turner, Managing Director at SRG, commented on the results:

“In today’s climate of talent scarcity, investing in inclusive pathways for progression in STEM is vital to fuel the future of our workforces and unravel pay disparities that continue to disadvantage professionals from diverse backgrounds today. At SRG, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with our partners and deliver inclusive hiring solutions while ensuring that we’re reaching STEM professionals from diverse backgrounds in an accessible way and empowering them throughout their career journey.”


About the data: SRG and New Scientist surveyed 4,000 STEM professionals working in the Engineering, Medtech, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Chemical, Clinical sectors as well as Academia. 64% of respondents were from the UK, 23% of respondents were from North America, and 13% of respondents were from Europe.




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