SRG Recruitment Podcasts: The ‘Think Bigger’ Series

At SRG, we’re taking recruitment podcasts to the next level. Join Jacob and Philippa for transformational conversations on the scientific industry, workplace, and personal growth.

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Episode 15: Could the four-day working week be the future?

Mark Downs, Chief Executive at the Royal Society of Biology, joins Jacob and Philippa to discuss the potential benefits and challenges of a four day working week. What could a four day working week mean for businesses, employees, and the environment?


The ‘Think Bigger’ recruitment podcast explores the most pressing insights, developments, and challenges within scientific recruitment. Drawing on their extensive experience in recruitment, Jacob Midwinter, Director of Search and Client Solutions, and Philippa Clark, Life Sciences Client Solutions Manager, share expert inspirational insights from the world of scientific recruitment and beyond.

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  • Episode 1: Growth Mindset

Individuals who believe their talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others have a growth mindset and tend to achieve more than those with a more fixed mindset (described in the Harvard Business Review). This episode discusses growth mindset and how this plays out in the workplace and how it can impact your personal life. 

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  • Episode 2: Managing Up

What is Managing Up? Learn more and discover why it is crucial for your own team's growth.

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  • Episode 3: Hiring in a Virtual World

Michelle Reid, People Director for the Institute of Occupational Medicine, talks to Jacob and Philippa about hiring in a virtual world. Understand why embracing technology and creative thinking is important to enhance the candidate experience throughout the recruitment journey.

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  • Episode 4: Hidden Conditions and Disabilities

Ted Smith, Human Resources Consultant and Author, joins the discussion on how Hidden Disabilities and Conditions can impact people's professional and personal life.

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  • Episode 5: The Post-Pandemic Workplace

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns caused a monumental shift in how we work, however, it proved resilience, flexibility and adaptability in the workforce. Listen to find out more on the future of what the working world will be like in the UK.

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  • Episode 6: Imposter Syndrome

A poll to the scientific professional community showed that Imposter Syndrome is something the market wants to discuss more openly, and to learn more about. In this episode Jacob and Philippa are joined by Chris Vowels, a previous Head of Client Services, to explore the topic and the impacts it can have.

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  • Episode 7: Turning the Table on SRG

Jacob and Philippa are once again joined by Ted Smith, Human Resources Consultant and Author, who turns the tables on our experts to share STEM recruitment insights for both candidates and clients in the scientific industries.

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  • Episode 8: Candidate Attraction and Retention

Using the SRG 2022 Candidate Attraction and Retention Guide Jacob and Philippa discuss what makes individuals tick and how to make sure the top talent is in your workforce.

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  • Episode 9: Future-proofing STEM by Building a Sustainable Talent Pipeline

Chris Blackburn, Head of CSR for Impellam STEM Portfolio, joins Jacob and Philippa to discuss how the scientific industries can future-proof their workforce and skills needs by building a sustainable pipeline of talent.

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  • Episode 10: Balancing the Gender Gap in STEM

Georgia Whitton, Senior Data Scientist for Sanger Institute's Genomic Surveillance Unit, joins Jacob and Philippa to discuss balancing the gender gap in STEM, the cruciality of representation within industry, and provides tips on how women and girls can begin their career. 

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  • Episode 11: Degree Apprenticeships - Are they the answer to the STEM skills shortage?

Marc Rothera, Strategic Lead for Science and Engineering Apprenticeships at Anglia Ruskin University, discusses the stigma surrounding apprenticeships, as well as the importance of choosing the right academic path for you.

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  • Episode 12: Change Management – Supercharge your Workforce by Embedding the Right Values

Liam Taylor, Chief Executive Officer at Axol Bioscience Ltd, joins Jacob and Philippa to discuss how to successfully supercharge your workforce and organisation’s culture through embedding the right values in the correct way.

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  • Episode 13: Beyond the Golden Triangle – UK Life Science

Andrew Shortt, Senior Growth and Innovation Specialist at Innovate UK EDGE, joins Jacob and Philippa to discuss topics such as the evolution of the life science sector in the West Midlands, the importance of collaboration in driving innovation, and the potential for growth in the region. It will also look at the current trends in life science, and what the sector can do to stay ahead of the competition.

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  • Episode 14: Beyond the Golden Triangle – Embracing Skillsets Outside the Golden Triangle

Jane Kennedy, Chief Business Officer at Discovery Park, joins Jacob and Philippa, leading the discussion on what it takes to make a success of a career outside the golden triangle and the challenges that come with it.

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  • Episode 15: Could the four-day working week be the future?

Mark Downs, Chief Executive at the Royal Society of Biology, joins Jacob and Philippa to discuss the potential benefits and challenges of a four day working week. What could a four day working week mean for businesses, employees, and the environment?

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Meet the presenters

Jacob Midwinter

Director, Search – STEM Portfolio

Jacob joined SRG after gaining eight years’ technical recruitment experience. Working primarily within the Life Science sector, he has also worked across both Engineering and Technology.

Initially working in the strategic sales team, his passion for technical search and experience managing global recruitment means he now heads up Search by SRG, and is Director, Search – STEM Portfolio. Jacob is passionate about partnering with clients to ensure unity. He recognises the importance of having the right people in the right jobs to increase productivity, diversity of thought and ultimately the success of our clients.

Philippa Clark

Life Sciences Client Solutions Manager

Philippa has over 18 years of specialist scientific recruitment experience, leading her to the role of Operations Manager for our Cambridge office. Her team serves the global 'Golden Triangle' scientific hotspot were they work with some of the most innovative companies in biotech, pharma and more from start-ups to multinationals.

She partners with our clients to create effective recruitment strategies, ensuring to build long-term relationships to gain a clear understanding of their culture, values and specific needs which is essential for matching the right people to the right roles. This in turn brings success for the clients we work with and the individuals we place in order to create tomorrow's world together.

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