Whitepaper: Modernising the Chemicals Industry and Addressing the Skills Gap

Prepare for the future of chemicals with global trends, insights, and advice to help you navigate the skills gap and modernise your talent strategy.

Find out how to prepare your talent strategy for the future of the chemicals industry with the latest global trends, insights and advice.

The chemicals industry powers the modern world as we know it, hiring over 10 million people worldwide and driving the production of 90% of every-day products.

This whitepaper delves into the major change accelerators driving the future of the chemicals industry, providing actionable advice for both leaders and candidates across the sector.

Exponential changes across digitalisation, sustainability, and the working environment have created a new talent landscape, where the skills gap has never been so critical. Considering supply chains, environmentalism, and how your workforce can not only be retained, but engaged is critical.

Expect to discover facts, figures, and actionable advice to help steer and modernise your hiring strategy. 

  • What’s ahead for the chemicals industry
  • Why chemical organisations must have a strategic commitment to digital innovation
  • Changes to our ways of working
  • Ideas to address the skills gap through new talent and retention
  • How chemical industry hiring strategies need to modernise to address the skills gap

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