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We work with top analytical chemists across many niche disciplines within the sector, whether they are clients, candidates looking to start their careers, or well-established chemists looking for their next challenge. Explore what it means to work in analytical chemistry.

A day in the life...

"My name is Saaiba and I was placed by SRG in my current role as an Analytical Development Chemist at a company providing drug development and commercialisation services to the pharmaceutical industry in December 2018.

In this job I focus on problem-solving and managing numerous projects all rolled into one. At my company there are four Analytical Development Chemists who work closely as a team alongside five Quality Control Chemists. Together our team is known as Quality Control and Analytics. The mix of disciplines I am involved with means every day on the job is varied, I don't always know what's going to happen, which I love! 

The main daily responsibilities consist of undertaking any analytical development for the projects that I am charged with. Most of the projects that I deal with involve the use of multiple analytical techniques. Currently, the core techniques I use are HPLC, GC-FID, GC-HS and NMR. However, in my short time in this role I have used other pieces of equipment such as Karl Fisher, and completed some tests that were entirely new to me, such as Residue on Evaporation and Residue on Ignition. Coming from a GMP Pharmaceutical background it's wonderful that I have the opportunity to increase my skillset.

The area of analytical development isn’t always without its problems. Though it is great when methods work seamlessly, 9 times out of 10 you're required to keep sharp and think on your feet to find solutions and fixes. I need to make sure I hit my deadlines. On the odd chance a project is quite problematic there is guidance and support from the Quality Control and Analytics Manager, who the teams report into. I work closely with Project and/or  Development Chemists who look after the actual chemistry side of things which puts them in the PR and D department. Aiding these areas the onsite production plant allows the production of materials on a small to medium scale for such projects. Drawing on people from the different departments means together we collectively make our projects a success time after time. This is hugely satisfying because it proves that my hard work pays off and it's even better that this feeling is shared and celebrated across my colleagues! 

Though I am fairly new the company family, I can see that there is a lot to look forward to. There is an incredibly supportive environment especially shown with the opportunities I get to attend training days and conferences, furthering my skills and confidence. Employees are encouraged to go take up these opportunities as part of our continued personal and professional development, something which I and my employer champion. From time to time there are fun activities such as lunches and dinners out with clients or colleagues from our other sites internationally. This gives me a wonderful chance to network but also enjoy getting to know my colleagues and help make new friendships in the process. In summer company barbecues are popular and give a more informal occasion to enjoy the social side of working here.

Overall, I truly believe it’s a lovely place to work and a place where you make good friends quickly! I'm excited to see what is to come on my journey here, be that making new connections, furthering my skills or climbing the career ladder - what makes it even better is that I genuinely get to enjoy it as I move forward."

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