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Careers in recruitment: Meet SRG’s longest-serving staff – Pt 2

At SRG, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our people with opportunities that both challenge and empower their careers.

In fact, 13 members of our team have been with SRG for over 10 years.

In this two-part series, we’ve interviewed 7 of our 13 long-serving teammates, discussing their experiences and asking them for advice on what it takes to forge a successful career in recruitment.

You can read Part One here.

This article features: Audrey McCulloch our Operations Director, James Windridge our Regional Manager, and Michelle Claire our People Ambassador.

Expect to find out:

  • Just some different avenues your career in recruitment could take
  • What makes SRG a great place to work
  • The greatest achievements and stand-out accomplishments of our people

Note: As part of Impellam, the second-largest staffing business in the UK and sixth-largest MSP worldwide, SRG is well linked to the wider recruitment industry on an international basis and offers a breadth of options for staff that inspire loyalty.

Meet SRG's Longest Serving Staff


Audrey McCulloch has shoulder length blonde hair and is wearing  a blue top. The text reads audrey mcculloch national accounts director to director of the middle office 12 years of service 

Early days

I joined SRG in 2010 as the National Accounts Director, after being headhunted by SRG’s internal recruiter - Kelly Morton and I had been arch-rivals for years, so that was a surprise!

The business had just been through a big reorganisation, where the focus moved to developing more local business, whilst allowing our bigger clients to get the attention of a dedicated Account Management Team (National Accounts).


After my initial role as National Accounts Director, I changed roles a number of times, including Strategic Director for one of our global accounts, management of the Regional and National Science Business, Search, and eventually managing the whole of UK Staffing. I have also been involved in some key projects such as the design, and rollout of our new front office system in 2015.

In Jan 2022, I moved to a new role in our newly formed STEM portfolio, as Director of the Middle Office, and am enjoying the new challenge.


I find choosing my greatest achievement the most difficult question to answer. I could quote a whole load of figures about double-digit growth year on year, achieving the best years ever in regional business etc. But when I reflect on what I am most proud of, I look at some of the people I have worked with for years and how I have played a part in helping them achieve more than they ever thought they could.

I truly believe that at SRG we are the best at what we do, and I work with some really talented people every day.

Being in an organisation like this gives everybody a great opportunity to develop themselves and their careers. SRG encourages everyone to step up and get involved whether that’s supporting a company-wide project, taking the lead in a focus group, or running our charity and social events. This enables our staff to develop skills and experience outside of their day-to-day responsibilities, whilst still focussing on being excellent within their role.

Advice for someone joining SRG

My advice for anyone starting their career at SRG would be to be yourself, be honest with yourself, and be aware of your strengths and areas of development. Do the right thing by all the people you interact with in your day-to-day job. Do something every day that makes you proud, and have fun being a huge success.


James Windridge has dark brown hair and a beard. The text reads james windridge trainee consultant to srg regional manager 22 years of service 

Early days

SRG is a scientific agency, and I joined after working in the scientific industry. I guess I got a bit ‘fed up’ with lab work and saw the opportunity to work with people, suiting my personality a little more.
I started out in the Birmingham team as a Trainee Consultant, covering a number of postcodes mostly in the East Midlands. We were much more generalist in our approach back then, so I was working across Pharma, Food, Chemicals and a whole range of other clients. 


Since then, I’ve moved into being a Senior Consultant, and then into a Billing Manager role. Today, we have a much more specialist approach at SRG, for example, I manage the Chemicals and FMCG teams in Birmingham.


My greatest achievements so far would be achieving the highest biller in the company as a Senior Consultant, as well as attaining 2 Manager of the Year awards, and developing my team.

At SRG, our people benefit from a supportive senior management team who are open to ideas. There are now 3 divisions of SRG that were set up by people in the business who saw an opportunity - Engineering, Search and MedTech. We are small enough so that your efforts are seen, and large enough so that people can move within SRG, or within the wider Impellam Group. It’s a great place to use your scientific knowledge in a commercial role, while being surrounded by great people!

Advice for someone joining SRG

My advice for new joiners would be to do what you say you’ll do. Keep communications open, look for opportunities, enjoy yourself, build networks, ask for help, don’t take rejections personally, and celebrate the wins – no matter how small!


Michella Claire has shoulder length blonde hair. The text reads michelle claire recruitment consultant to people ambassador 21 years of service 

Early days and promotions

I started working as Recruitment Consultant at SRG, before moving up to being Team Leader, and then Regional Manager. We covered the North West territory and were the highest billing office. I then took some time out to become a mum, and returned initially for 3 days a week, and then 4 before returning to full time work. SRG gave me the flexibility I needed to do this.

Once I returned, I first managed the Central Deliver Team, and then moved into a client facing role for the National Accounts, where I developed relationships to explore other services we could offer.


I have lots to be proud of, but in my current role as People Ambassador, I am proud to be helping the next generation of talent to settle into our business. I ensure new SRG employees are welcomed and onboarded, with an excellent all-encompassing training and development programme to maximise their career at SRG. We call it a ‘career for life’ because we are focused on helping our staff find real job satisfaction, no matter the stage in their career.

Advice for someone joining SRG

SRG is a great place to build a career, as we provide the flexibility needed to not only develop, but also move between roles – all while promoting a virtuoso culture that promotes honesty, trust and excellence.

I would advise anyone starting their career at SRG to not be shy to ask questions and share your ideas – we love creativity.


Want to see where your career at SRG could take you?

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